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Album art revealed

We are proud to show you the album artwork for our third album ARCHITECT. It will be released this spring and followed by a tour in the east Europe.



01. Biological Experiments
02. Behind The Face
03. Architect
04. The Release
05. Die Or Surrender
06. Turn Your Back
07. For No Other
08. Nightmare Abduction
09. I Am The One
10. Sorgestjärna

ViciSolum Productions
Release date 2014-xx-xx

Recording Lineup
Marcus Edvardsson – Vocals & Guitars
Joakim Wassberg – Bass
Hugo Nylander – Drums

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Recording new album

Tomorrow we will start the recording of our third full length album at Empire Studio. It will be released by our label ViciSolum Productions in 2014. It will contain about 10 songs. The album art has already been made by Pär Olofsson and we will show it to you soon. We have a european tour plan in the pipe near April 2014 (more about that later). HORNS UP dudes! How’s that for an early holiday gift? Let’s do this awesome album already!

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Announcing New Drummer

The new drummer is Hugo Nylander, known from the rock band Djävulskap and the black metal band ex-Denicalis.

– Since my black metal band Denicalis was laid to rest I missed playing metal. When Souldrainer called me for a session job for their upcoming tour I said yes right away. I’ve listened a lot to their CDs before and knew what I was up against. After a couple of shows together they asked if I wanted to join as a permanent part of Souldrainer and I couldn’t resist accepting it! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming shows and recording the new album later this year!

Previous drummer Sverker Berggren decided together with the band to leave the drummers throne. Souldrainer wants to thank Sverker for his duties during his time in the band and wish him all the best in the future.


Photo by Ulrika Henriksson

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Signs with Heavy Space Agency (Booking Europe)

German booker Heavy Space Agency, which work with such bands as RE-ARMED, CHRIST AGONY, AGATHODAIMON, GORTHAUR´S WRATH, ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, SOREPTION, ASYRINGE will book shows for SOULDRAINER in Germany/Europe.


Official website:

Email: info [at]


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Heaven’s Gate – new album revealed

We are proud to announce details about our coming album HEAVEN’S GATE. We’ve worked our asses of on this album to make the best we possible could, and honestly, we made it! HEAVEN’S GATE is released by our label ViciSolum Productions November 25th 2011.


Read Details >>

LABEL: ViciSolum Productions
RELEASE DATE: November 25th 2011

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Signs a record deal with ViciSolum Productions

We are very proud to announce that we signed a record deal with ViciSolum Productions and they will release our second full length album this fall 2011. We will now share label with swedish heroes like SYN:DROM, DIABOLICAL and many more.

“We are very excited to work with ViciSolum Productions which is a swedish label. We’ve had contact with them for a couple of months now and we finally got to sign the deal. We met up with Thomas from ViciSolum Productions last night at the venue we were playing and signed the contract right before we entered the stage. Thomas is a great guy with sound values and has a great vision and we believe that together we can make a great job making sure all our fans will get the opportunity to enjoy our music. We have great expectations about our upcoming album and we can’t wait for you to hear it!” – Souldrainer

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Souldrainer is available for free on Spotify
Souldrainer is now available on Spotify. Spotify is a free service for listening to music. For free and instant access, just download Spotify to your computer.

Click the link below and listen to Souldrainer

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Arttu signs cymbal endorsement with Soultone

Arttu is endorsed by Soultone Cymbals.

Soultone cymbals
Soultone Cymbals offers a superior sound, feel and performance with excellent artist support for today’s most demanding performers. No matter what style or sound is desired by the performer, Soultone Cymbals delivers both traditional and modern sounds with less effort, more control, and, of course, beautiful, musical, rich tone that makes the drummer want to play longer – and play better. The “touch” and feel is unique and has a more responsive bounce to the stick allowing for improved precision without washing out the dynamics of the performance.

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News from the Souldrainer Camp

First of all we would like to thank Daniel for those past seven years as a guitar player in SOULDRAINER. Daniel decides to part way with us to focus 100% on his work with AEON and we wish him good luck with everything and we’re still good friends. This will not affect the ongoing album recording nor the future events and SOULDRAINER will now continue as a three man.

SOULDRAINER are pleased to announce that we have signed a management deal with UNDERTAKER MANAGEMENT.

21.May.2010 WARFECTSOULDRAINERBRUTE @ The Cave Rock Club, Stockholm

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Souldrainer release a cover song ‘The Girl And The Robot’

Originally from the album JUNIOR by RÖYKSOPP with vocals of the swedish singer ROBYN. We made our own version of this song and it became the best version ever!

Right click and save this MP3 file to your computer: SouldrainerAndTheRobot.mp3.
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Marcus Edvardsson at Empire Studio.

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