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New song FED BY FIRE up on MySpace!

Find it at
As you may know we recorded 7 songs live in our rehearsal space last week. We made one-takes of all songs playing them straight through – and the results were totaly mindblowing! It sounds like a f***ng studio recording, we really rule! Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Productions mixed it for us and he did an amazing job as well! Now we are going to send these songs to labels in hope for someone to help us with out second full length album. If you think you can help spreading our word we would love you for doing it, let us know if you are, you will be rewarded in some way or other! HORNS UP!

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Recording demo versions of new songs

Hello friends! It was a while ago now.. We have been busting our asses with new material and today we recorded seven new butt kicking songs. We have left Mascot Records and now we are searching for a new label that will satisfy our needs. These songs are made as demo versions and will be used in the search for a label. Listening to the results from todays efforts we can only say it’s really awesome how the recording turned out. It’s been worth waiting for! wow! It sounds like we are moving towards a heavier sound (like we weren’t heavy enough before huh?), more aggressive but yet in a Souldrainer-stylish way. Of course we still have the majestic foundation. Add a touch of evil on that and you are getting close to the new sound. Man, it’s impossible to describe the new material with words, you gotta hear it – and you will!

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