Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Studio Report Day 11 @ Empire Studio


11.00 am. Joakim is picking Marcus up before lunch and going to the store to buy food, beverages and other sweet things to stuff our faces with during the day. We’re preparing for a long and intense day at Empire Studio.

12.30 am. We have no idea what we’ve been doing the first 90 minutes but we didn’t record any bass guitar, thats for sure! One thing is for sure and that is Marcus’ guitar really needs to be adjusted by someone with deep ninja skills of the higher form of guitar adjusting art not yet known by mankind. Joakim pull his phone out of the pocket to dial Jon from the music store Hamm & Nilsson. It’s SUNDAY, but Jon arrives within a couple of minutes with his toolbox and make the guitar behave properly! The bass guitar gets a treatment as well and it feels like a new bass! Jon’s daughters are head banging, to the amazing songs wich are impossible to stand still to, in the hallway of the studio!

2.00 pm. Marcus record some takes again with the new adjusted guitar and they are sounding correct now, finally. Joakim grab hold of the bass and we start to track the first take of the day.

4.00 pm. 3 songs are down and we’re feeling the hunger eating it’s way out of our bodies. Food time! Frozen microwave stuff containing Koldolmar and FĂ„rbiffar with Potatismos and it was pretty good for a dish that usually lacks taste and inspiration.

8.00 pm. Holy basses! Joakim just finished his LAST take on the recording. He’s now done with all thirteen songs and it sound so f*in fat we all lost our pants listening to them!

Songs recorded:

– Gate Guard
– “obecity boys” (work title)
– Killed Stuffed, Hung On The Wall
– “conqueror” (work title)
– Alien Terror
– “fighting the fear” (work title)

/ Marcus & Joakim

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