Monday, March 29th, 2010

Studio Report Day 10 @ Empire Studio

It’s bass time again baby and you know it, and it’s also a Saturday and that means we can work all day long in the studio. You see, we are working evenings in the studio, but maybe you already knew that.

12.00 am. Good morning Empire Studio. Arttu is hung over from the party last night and passes out in the sofa in the control room. He wakes up from time to time and ask us how it’s going and film us with the video cam.

3.00 pm. Marcus is craving for some greasy food and sends out Arttu on a mission to get it. Oh, and the bass tracking is going smooth as usual by the way. We’re getting spoiled here. No problems what so ever, just tracking and smiling.

3.15 pm. Ok, that last one was a 15 minute cliff hanger. Marcus just realized that some riffs was slightly out of tune on the guitar, only the two first frets on the thickest guitar string (Bb 0.62″). Well, the guitar was in tune with it self so to say, but when the bass entered the stage all hell broke loose. And there are 4 tracks of rhythm guitars on each song so bring the eraser tool in Logic and tune that f*in guitar and do it right! This was just for one song, but there may be more songs to come with the same issue. “Maybe I should try some thinner strings” – Marcus says.

For you guitar string nerds. The strings on Marcus guitars gauges 13-17-26-36-46-62, but we’ll see about that in the remaining songs. Maybe the Gibson Explorer need more adjustment.

Hey! This is the BASS report, not the guitar report!

6.00 pm. Joakim finished 3 more songs and we went home.

Songs recorded

– “the quest” (work title)
– The God Delusion
– Goodbye Farewell

/ Marcus & Joakim

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