Friday, March 26th, 2010

Studio Report Day 9 @ Empire Studio

The other day ( # 8 ) was a really short one, Marcus tracked one more song so it’s not much to write about, so let’s skip ahead to day 9.


7.00 pm. This evening was devoted to bass tracking and we started to dial in the bass amp, an Ampeg SVT Classic all tubes with an 8×10 cabinet. Joakim had a bunch of pedals he wanted to try out to see if it would improve the sound. Compressors and overdrives. The amp was already set up since earlier and we just had to make small adjustments and added one more mic to the cabinet. We ended up with a Sennheiser MD421 and a Yamaha Subkick. The subkick added that extra low end and will be awesome to blend in with the 421. We even tried the bass through a 5150.

8.30 pm. The bass sound is all set and it sound amazing, as usual. Everything with this recording sound just right from the moment we mic our instrument. It’s totally awesome! Joakim ended up with the Ampeg and a Multi Comp pedal from EBS.

11.00 pm. Joakim had a really good flow and managed to track 4 songs tonight.

Songs recorded:

– Fed By Fire
– Dying For Your False Beliefs
– Tools Of Torture
– “low” (work title)

/ Joakim & Marcus

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