Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Studio Report Day 7 @ Empire Studio

Day 7

2.00 pm. We slept really long and had a big brunch with fried eggs, pasta, sausages and fresh juice. Took a nice walk in the sunshine across the frozen lake to the island where Empire Studio is. This is a 30 minutes walk from the town. We actually met some other metal heads in the middle of the lake. They were going to the main lands, hung over from a party the day before.

3.00 pm. Inside Empire Studio, listening to the new harmonies on Fed By Fire and we don’t think they were that great so we probably wont keep them in the end. The song is so great any way!

7.00 pm. Marcus tracked three songs today and it all went pretty smooth despite a minor computer issue resulting in a twenty minute session with frustration, cursing and yelling parental content. In the end it was ok.

Songs recorded:

– Dying For You False Believes
– Tools Of Torture
– “the quest” (work title)

/ Arttu & Marcus

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