Monday, March 15th, 2010

Studio report Day 2 @ Empire Studio

3.00 pm All the microphones are set and we can begin doing the sound check.

7.00 pm Time to start tracking drums now 🙂

10.00 pm We have successfully recorded 5 songs and it feels pretty fuckin’ good!

Marcus wants to try out some different guitar cabinets and some amp heads the remaining time. He is trying an Engl Powerball and Peavey 6505+ with some different cabs. I think they are Marshall 1960BV, 1960BX and an Engl V30 cab.

00:00 Time to go home and sleep.

Songs recorded:
– Fed By Fire
– Dying For Your False Beliefs
– Tools Of Torture
– “low” (working title)
– “the quest” (working title)

/ Arttu

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