Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Neogenesis Tour Blog. Banska Bystrica, SK

This morning we got to sleep in very long because the drive was not that far, it was really appreciated because we were started to get really exhausted. The motel we slept at was really huge and looked like it was an old mental hospital from a scary movie. The gatekeeper was really sour and seemed to hate her life in general and she hated us too.

We went to the venue to pick some stuff up and then we had pizza for breakfast/lunch.

The venue was a pub and had a small stage. The local drunks helped us loading in to the venue. For dinner we got pizza. Alot of pizza today.

During our show one of the guitar amps died and we had a small pause to sort it out. A fuse broke and luckily Marcus had spare fuses for Peavey amps in his bag.

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