Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Neogenesis Tour Blog. Bratislava, SK

This was our first time in Slovakia. We drove over the border from Krakow PL, and the landscape started to take form as we drove down the road. The Slovakian nature is more like we are used to in the north of Sweden with all the mountains. It also looks like they have a bit higher standards than the Poles.

It was a long long drive and we didn’t get much sleep last night so we had to make many stops to pry open the led eyelids we had. Once at the venue it looked like a pizzeria, just like in Krakow, but again, a much much bigger venue opened up for us.

It was a good crowd for all three bands, even if they weren’t as crazy as the Poles, they showed great appreciation when we talked to them after the show and some of them was singing along with the lyrics! Suffering from sleep deprivation we hurried back to the motel to get the well deserved sleep. This time we got to sleep till noon and it was really nice!

Thank you Bratislava!

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