Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Neogenesis Tour Blog. Krakow, PL

Today we went up early to go with WARHEIM to Auswitch for a guided tour. DIABOLICAL stayed behind to take care of some bus business.

Auswitch was awful! I mean, when you have read the history and heard the stories. Watched some movies, you sure know that it was terrible. But visiting was a complete different thing. We were standing right there, where people have been murdered, raped and experimented with. It was like walking around in a funeral that never ended. No one can go in there without tearing up the eyes. It was like visiting a factory created with the sole purpose to eliminate as many human beings as possible. And at the same time document everything. Well, some say it’s a conspiracy theory..

The town square in Krakow is a huge square, probably the biggest in the universe. We drove into it with our car and the police was fast to stop us and give a lecture of street roles. They said you MUST obey the signs! Gosh..

If you have followed our blog you should know by now that we have been enjoying the food very much! This time we went for kebab. It wasn’t that good at all. No more kebab in Krakow for us.

When we first saw the door to Kot Karola it looked like a really small club. The door lead down to a huge maze of rooms and bars. Everything in stone. The stage was a bit small but it was ok. The audience was really good and seemed to enjoy our show. Some old and we surly got some new ones too. We even got to speak Swedish with a couple of them!

After the show we didn’t had to drive our car so we managed to drink a couple of beers and talk to the fans. They were really nice!

Thank you Krakow!

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