Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Neogenesis Tour Blog. Wroclaw, PL

Last night the venue had stairs in the back going down and it was very dark. Marcus was carrying some stuff and didn’t see the two last steps of the staircase and fell and landed on his knees. In the fall He twisted his ankle really bad and couldn’t walk on it. The entire day he had a really bad limp and a cough from his cold. Looked like a hobo limping around the rest of the guys. The ankle got better along the way but he couldn’t use the foot so much.

The promoter gave us wonderful home cooked food. It was the first time we had bigos! He said it was compliments from his wife. Lovely!

The venue was in an area that had to be influenced by Great Britain. The venue was called Klub Liverpool and next to it was Haggis Bar and Second hand clothes from London where they sold clothes by weight.

This was the first time we had local support. It was a trio playing some kind of technical melodic metal and the did a good job waking the audience up for WARHEIM that played after them.

Marcus went backstage when the local support was playing and he got a call from WARHEIM drummer Robert. It was hard to hear what he said because of the band in the background but Robert screamed that he was locked behind the big blue steel door and wanted to get out! This was a Spinal Tap moment delux.

The bus DIABOLICAL are riding in is slowly withering apart. No brakes, water pump died, no idle, no heat, back door won’t lock, fuel lines came off, cig lighter died, back window broke, drivers seat came loose, radiator leaking water and short cut in the dashboard… To name a few.. They are looking for a new bus now :).

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