Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Neogenesis Tour Blog. Piotrkow Trybunalski, PL

This venue was in a small part of the town and the standards was not that high. We loaded in out gear and it was colder inside that outside, but luckily we got some warmth up after loading in and the nice warm food we got served. After dinner they started the smoke machine and the place was filled with smoke, the only problem was that it smelled like burning coal.

After a couple of minutes Dagna, the Tour Manager screamed at the too of her lungs to evacuate the building. It wasn’t the smoke machine. Smoke was coming in from the vents in the walls and it was thick and black. We realized we had to run inside to bring out the merch so it wouldn’t smell of smoke and so we did.

We was standing upside waiting for them to fix the smoke problem and people was running all around saying it’s no problem and nothing to worry about, so we waited. After a while they said everything was ok and that they started to went out the smoke.

When we came inside we saw that they put tape over the vents. Where the smoke came from? No one knows 🙂

The crowd was really great and there were many of them. Unfortunately one dude on floor decided to take his gun out and point at us on the stage and that was really awkward. Nothing happened but he ruined the entire show for us and everything felt just fucked up. We heard later that he does that and he does it to show his gratitude……. Stupid.

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