Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Neogenesis Tour Blog. Poznań, PL

For the first time we got to sleep in very long and recharge ourselves from yesterday. It was very much needed . The drive to Poznań is not very far, we actually passed it on the way to Zielona Góra, it’s a two hour drive.

We drove together with DIABOLICAL and WARHEIM on the highway when DIABOLICAL called to say that they had to take a detour to a car workshop to fix their brakes on the van. Luckily it wasn’t that bad and we had a couple of extra hours before we should arrive at the venue in Poznań.

In Poznań we and WARHEIM took a tour around town for lunch and sight seeing and when DIABOLICAL arrived it was time to load in the gear.

Soundcheck went good and all bands got a really good sound on stage and out to the audience. We watched WARHEIM and after them we started playing. It was a slow start but we managed to wake the audience up and after all it felt like a great show!

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