Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Neogenesis Tour Blog. Warzawa, PL

After spending the night in a strange hostel in Slupsk we started the 6 hour drive to Warzaw. The roads in Poland is not quite the same compared to Sweden. But I guess they constantly getting better in Poland and worse in Sweden. It seems like we have a very god GPS, at least compared to the other guys in DIABOLICAL and WARHEIM. We always seem to be the first band to arrive to the destination.

The second show that we were heading for was at Klub Progresja in Warzaw. This is a bigger venue compared to the show we did in Slupsk. It take some time to get used to that the beer is only 4 zt, about 8 SEK.

Sound check went really smooth and we had some really good sound on stage. Except from the two other Swedish bands we had the Polish band BUTELKA warming up the stage. A bunch of very friendly guys who seemed to be working extra as promotors for polish vodka.

Playing at Klub Progresja was lot’s of fun. Not too many people in the audience but we managed to keep the brave ones in a happy mode. I think we can say that the evening turned out to a great event. Especially for Joakim who managed to go through the whole line of Polish Vodka. Today has been hard for him.

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